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Drum Roll Please....

Joy and Power

These past few weeks we have been delighted to share in the joy and power of African drumming and culture. Grades 4-8 have been on an exciting intercultural journey with Mr. Oula, an African drum and dance master who has been sharing his passion through teaching for over 30 years. Originally from the Ivory Coast, Mr. Oula incorporates a oral tradition teaching style which includes drumming, cultural background information, and dance.

Joyful education at its best.

A Gift From Every Season

First Snowfall

"Nature is full of genius, full of divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand." — Henry David Thoreau

Snow, glorious snow! One of the joys of witnessing Waldorf's youngest students learn and grow in our nature-immersed Children's Garden is their reactions to the unique gifts presented by each fleeting season. At turns, awe-filled wonder, at others gleeful excitement, and in each sheer delight.

The Four Candles: A Story of Hope

The Four Candles

“In the sculptural and pictorial realm, we look at beauty, and we live it; in the musical realm we ourselves become beauty.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Sweet Sounds

Sweet Sounds

“In the sculptural and pictorial realm, we look at beauty, and we live it; in the musical realm we ourselves become beauty.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Joyful Work

Joyful Work

The Children's Garden was, as ever, hard at work this week.

In a Waldorf Early Childhood classroom, teachers participate with enthusiasm in the kind of purposeful work children can innately understand and naturally wish to imitate.

A Story for Summer

Two Busy Bees

Two little bees work very hard to make their golden honey

They sip sweet nectar from the flowers when the days are sunny

“We are busy, busy, busy!” buzzed the bees “We won’t be home for dinner”

“It takes us many hours to visit all these flowers and it makes us rather dizzy to be so very, very busy!”

Just then the Queen Bee called out “Every worker needs to rest!” So they flew back to their beehive and were proud they’d done their best.

~Traditional Waldorf Story Verse

Moving Up Day

The rituals and rhythms that enrich the Waldorf school year are many. A fun one, which is noticeably lacking in pomp and circumstance but full of enthusiasm and elbow grease, is Moving Up Day!

A Trip to Remember

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom." - Rudolf Steiner

By the time you are reading this, the Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony will be well underway. Lilies will be handed over with love from an adoring first grade class, performances will play out with poise and imagination, and diplomas delivered with deep respect and reverence for the amazing individuals that comprise the Class of 2022.

But just one week ago, you would have found the eighth grade in quite a different world.

Field Trips are Fundamental

Outdoor education is an essential part of Waldorf education.

Lasting Relationships

Do you have your middle school art teacher's phone number on speed dial?

If you graduated from any school other than the Waldorf School of Baltimore I am willing to wager the answer is no. But for hundreds of alums a text from Ms. Edna Emmet, anywhere from two to twenty years after your eighth grade graduation, is as natural as can be (a true testimony to Ms. Emmet and to Waldorf Education for providing students and teachers the space to develop meaningful and lasting relationships).