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Field Trips are Fundamental

Field Trips are Fundamental

Outdoor education is an essential part of Waldorf education.

Children of every age head outside for outdoor class time or imaginative free play at least twice a day, in every season. As children advance through the grades, yearly class trips are planned which allow students to experience the natural world more deeply, broaden their life experiences, complement classroom learning and deepen their sense of community. And hey, after a couple years of forced reliance on technology to support students learning, disconnecting and slowing down to the pace of nature for an afternoon or a couple of days certainly offers its own inherent benefits.

In a flurry of activity this week, Grade Five was thrilled to embark on a much-anticipated two-night stay in Pocomoke River State Park with class teacher Ms. Brenda Wolf Smith and WSB Parent/Experienced Camper Ronnie Younts, where they hiked, prepared and enjoyed meals around the camp fire, pitched tents, told stories, weathered the wind, and slept under the stars. Memorable visits to the Harriet Tubman Memorial Gardens in Cambridge and the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park in Dorchester County bookended their bus rides to and from the campsite.

Interested in learning more about the Waldorf School of Baltimore's commitment to outdoor education and real world life experiences? Head to home page and inquire today. Waldorf school offers programs from 2.5 years to grade eight

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