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Green Dragon Bytes: What About That Snake!?

Green Dragon Bytes: What About That Snake!?

Third grade went on a nature walk for nature studies. Our destination: The brook below Elephant Rock.

After we arrived there I asked the six third graders to notice something interesting and let me know after the found it. The six swarmed out, and after a little while called me over excitedly!!! They had found a snake!! 

It turned out to be a harmless striped garter snake which quickly become known as "Stripey". Stripey let us observe them, even let themselves be touched, and then quick as a, well a garter snake, slithered under a nearby rock.

Noticing is a wonderful skill we will keep practicing. I wonder what adventures await us next week.

Maren Jung is the Forest Explorers Director and our Nature Studies Teacher. Learn more about WSB's sustainability initiatives.

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