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Grow Your Own Spring Grass

Grow Your Own Spring Grass

This spring, begin a new family tradition that will help make the world a little greener! Few things are as satisfying as planting seeds and watching them grow. Add an element of sustainably and zero-waste seasonal decorations and you have a Spring Time Slam-Dunk of a project. Growing grass indoors to adorn your Easter Basket or Seasonal Nature Table coundlt be simplier and takes just 7-10 days to see lush results.

1. Choose your container. These can be actual plant pots, different sizes of bowls and cups, rinsed egg shells, or an Easter basket lined with newspapper or a plastic garden liner

2. Soak Wheatberries by completely submerging them in water for 10-24 hours

3. Fill each container with potting soil or good dirt. Leave about an inch at the top for room for the seeds.

4. Sprinkle an even layer of wheat berry seeds over the top, covering soil completely.

5. Place on sunny windowsil

6. Every day spray them with water (great job for littles)

7. The seeds will sprout within 2-3 days, and grow about an inch a day. Within 10 days, you can delight in the wonder of bright blades of fresh spring grass!

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