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Isis and Osiris: Grade Five Class Play

Isis and Osiris: Grade Five Class Play

Grade Five Play

Earlier this morning, elementary grades three through eight were treated to an original and spirited portrayal of the story of Isis and Osiris, performed by the fifth grade, a culmination of their learning the wonders of Egyptian culture.

The performance was unique in more ways than one. For starters, the students co-wrote the script with their class teacher, Ms. Brenda Wolf Smith, cobbling together three different versions of the infamous story and interjecting original lines (and raps) throughout.

What's more, with singing off the table (oh, COVID, will you never end?) students struck a unique percussional chord thanks to the support of Music teacher Ms. Kim Weisheit. Ms. Weisheit provided Orff instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, marimbas and metallophones) with notes set to an ancient Egyptian scale, the Maqam Hijaz, and taught the class a few Egyptian rhythms, which they ran with. The improvisation that flowed from that instruction provided a welcome and unique musical backbone to the production.

Were there a written word equivalent for a standing ovation, we would insert that here. As it is, BRAVA, to Grade Five and Ms. Brenda Wolf Smith on a triumphant performance!

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