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Joyful Work

Joyful Work

Joyful Work

The Children's Garden was, as ever, hard at work this week.

In a Waldorf Early Childhood classroom, teachers participate with enthusiasm in the kind of purposeful work children can innately understand and naturally wish to imitate.

When apples are peeled, floors swept, and vegetables chopped with pleasure, children learn that all work worth doing can be done well, thus laying a healthy foundation for their industrious and capable future selves. Engaging the class community in meaningful work of this nature builds not just self-esteem, but precious life skills.

Waldorf educator Jack Petrash, author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out, agrees; “participating in work enables the children to learn important lessons early on, lessons that are necessary for life. They learn to do their fair share and to help others.”

What a wonderful way to learn and grow.

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