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Lasting Relationships

Lasting Relationships

Do you have your middle school art teacher's phone number on speed dial?

If you graduated from any school other than the Waldorf School of Baltimore I am willing to wager the answer is no. But for hundreds of alums a text from Ms. Edna Emmet, anywhere from two to twenty years after your eighth grade graduation, is as natural as can be (a true testimony to Ms. Emmet and to Waldorf Education for providing students and teachers the space to develop meaningful and lasting relationships).

And so, natural it was, when Daniel Levin, class of 2003, said “yes” to the call he received in January requesting his presence (and paint brush) to create an original large scale mural in commemoration of WSB’s 50th Birthday.

For Daniel, a professional muralist based in NYC, this is more than a homecoming - it is an example of coming full circle: “This mural will be my largest solo piece to date. It is a great opportunity to see what I am capable of and feels especially fitting to paint a piece of this scale here at Waldorf where my first "largest project ever" was my Eighth Grade Self Portrait for Edna's art class nearly twenty years ago."

Ms. Emmet often speaks of how the Eighth Grade Self-Portrait project may prophesize future paths, and here we have an apt example to prove the rule (with a particular emphasis on the word size!)

The mural will be completed and unveiled on Sunday, April 24th at our 50th Alumni Art Exhibitions, 50 Artists for 50 Years.

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