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Moving Up Day

Moving Up Day

The rituals and rhythms that enrich the Waldorf school year are many. A fun one, which is noticeably lacking in pomp and circumstance but full of enthusiasm and elbow grease, is Moving Up Day!

Here at WSB, each classroom is uniquely suited to the age and grade of the students that occupy it. The soft peachy pink walls**, open cubbies and petite chairs are intentionally chosen for Grade One, just as the shaded purple** hues, closed closets and rockable desk chairs are just right for Grade Eight on the second floor. And so, each June, every class packs up their desks and personal items, cleans house, and moves up the grade-school ladder into the classroom they will be occupying next year.

This quite-literal progression through the elementary grades imparts real significance. By the time students have completed their educational journey by traveling through every classroom, a real sense of wholeness is achieved.

**If you are interested in learning more about the fascinating color theory associated with the lazured wall colors chosen for each classroom, you may enjoy this article from Waldorf Publications:

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