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A Story for Summer

A Story for Summer

Two Busy Bees

Two little bees work very hard to make their golden honey

They sip sweet nectar from the flowers when the days are sunny

“We are busy, busy, busy!” buzzed the bees “We won’t be home for dinner”

“It takes us many hours to visit all these flowers and it makes us rather dizzy to be so very, very busy!”

Just then the Queen Bee called out “Every worker needs to rest!” So they flew back to their beehive and were proud they’d done their best.

~Traditional Waldorf Story Verse

This traditional Waldorf late summer/early Fall story is a simple one to get started with, and well worth taking to heart!

Storytelling is fundamental to Waldorf education throughout the course of child development and, in the early years, is an important first step in literacy development. Immersing the youngest children in a strong oral tradition—complete with songs, stories and rhymes—fills their proverbial cup with rich language and beautiful pictures so that, when the time is right, it may overflow into robust writing and reading skills.

Telling stories, as opposed to reading them, sounds intimidating at first but is easier than you would think. Little ears will delight in simple nature stories while bigger kids love hearing about your childhood. As you discover the fruits of this practice for yourself, you may enjoy “taking to heart” a few favorite fairy tales as well, which may be told many times over. Set aside a special time and place for your storytelling and delight in the warm human connection that follows.

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