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Sweet Sounds

Sweet Sounds

Sweet Sounds

“In the sculptural and pictorial realm, we look at beauty, and we live it; in the musical realm we ourselves become beauty.” ~Rudolf Steiner

What a joy it is to hear and feel the reverberations of our strings students echoing in the hallways once more. Be it Cello or Violin, these instruments provide Grade Four and Five students the opportunity to feel the music in their own bodies in a way other instruments, without such bow vibrations, cannot. At this stage of child development, as a student's emotional life deepens, strings are also an important outlet for expression.

Not only that, the requisite of independent movements of left and right hands, and regular crossing of the midline make these instruments excellent for brain development. And of course, simply practicing the art of practicing (even when things get tricky) develops self-discipline.

Head, Heart, Hands.

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