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Grow Your Own Spring Grass

This spring, begin a new family tradition that will help make the world a little greener! Few things are as satisfying as planting seeds and watching them grow. Add an element of sustainably and zero-waste seasonal decorations and you have a Spring Time Slam-Dunk of a project. Growing grass indoors to adorn your Easter Basket or Seasonal Nature Table coundlt be simplier and takes just 7-10 days to see lush results.

A Story For Spring

A Story For Spring

Read on to discover what will happen to the little seed.

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Community of Care

A Community of Care

When we ask alums to look back on their time spent at WSB and reflect on what distinguished their elementary years from later schooling, a common phrase is often repeated: it just felt like everyone there really CARED.

It’s true…and it matters.

Not only is a joyful, connected and moral approach to education more enjoyable, but studies have shown that students who know that their teachers and school community care deeply about them are more likely to be engaged and learning at a high level.

Isis and Osiris: Grade Five Class Play

Grade Five Play

Earlier this morning, elementary grades three through eight were treated to an original and spirited portrayal of the story of Isis and Osiris, performed by the fifth grade, a culmination of their learning the wonders of Egyptian culture.

The performance was unique in more ways than one. For starters, the students co-wrote the script with their class teacher, Ms. Brenda Wolf Smith, cobbling together three different versions of the infamous story and interjecting original lines (and raps) throughout.

WSB Inspiration: Sudip Saunders

Black History Month Blog Series

As part of our school-wide honoring of Black History Month, throughout the month of February we will be highlighting some of our spectacular Black and African American faculty and staff. Today, we talk with the superb Ms. Sudip Saunders - WSB Eurythmy teacher, movement artist, painter, muralist, friend, daughter, wife and all around exceptional human.

How has your background/influences brought you to this position, and what drew you to Eurythmy ?

Parenting Advice: Navigating Distance Learning Feelings and Emotion

School Counselor, Christa Marvenko-Athas

Our guest blogger and school counselor, Christa Marvenko-Athas, has some useful insight for coping with our feelings during this stressful time. Take a look at her suggestions of how to approach this unprecedented situation at home.

As we all are determining how to manage our lives, obligations, and feelings regarding the coronavirus, it is important to consider we are being flooded with information regarding COVID-19.  This information is upsetting, concerning, and scary; our fight-or-flight responses are being activated not only daily, but also for days on end.

With each new piece of information most of us experience mounting stress.  In response to acute stress a cascade of stress hormones are produced in the body, which produces physiological change.  We are not meant to sustain this high level of fight-or-flight for long periods as this can create problems of its own.  Many of us are not only managing this stress response in ourselves but also in our children.  As we continue to face this challenge, I feel it is important to focus on a counter measure to this fight-or-flight response in order to calm the body, the mind, each other, and our children, and stay in touch with our strength and resilience.