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Tour Our School in Celebration of 100 Years of Waldorf Education

New Year. New opportunities tour our school and to celebrate 100 years of Waldorf education! Discover why our educational philosophy has expanded to over 1,100 schools and 1,700 kindergartens in over 80 countries on all continents. 

"One hundred years after the first Waldorf school opened, the movement has become a worldwide force for educating young people... Waldorf 100 aspires to further develop the cooperation and effectiveness of Waldorf education in a global exchange throughout the entire world."

Winter Parent & Child Classes: Register Now!

New Year. New toddler classes to bond with your little one, expand your parent network, and nourish your family's head, heart, and hands! ​

We are only a week away from the start of our warm, welcoming, and informative Winter Parent and Child classes, and roughly three weeks away from our Bake and Play Morning. Register before sessions fill-up:

Learn to Change the World: Encounter, Engagement, Inclusion

New Year. New Waldorf 100 "Learn to Change the World: Encounter, Engagement, Inclusion" film!  

"See and hear students and teachers from Waldorf schools around the world talking about today's children, the challenges and rewards of education, and how we encounter each other, engage, and include each other in relationships and in a community."

What happens when you mix math, coral and crochet?

New Year. New ways of blending Science, Math, and Art for the greater good! Use this last week of vacation to start working on a piece for the Institute for Figuring's Crochet Coral Reef project. 

Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid)

Today, tomorrow, and every day after may we seek to know, understand, and have compassion for each of other's narratives. ​

The Link Between August Birthdays and A.D.H.D.

Waldorf education is grounded in offering what is developmentally appropriate for children as they age. At WSB this starts with a full assesses of a child's readiness for challenging academics and immersive learning experiences. This increases the likelihood of them becoming confident leaders versus anxious followers.  

Five-year-olds using knives in class

We are two weeks away from the start of our Winter Parent and Child classes!  

In an ocean of early childhood education options, what sets our sessions apart is our comfort and purposeful use of managed, experiential risk (both indoor and outdoor) with our youngest students. ​

Waldorf's Otero announces plans to play college basketball

Congrats to Liam Otero of the Sante Fe Waldorf School on signing with Concordia University Chicago's NCAA Division III basketball team! We trust your Waldorf education, especially your Eurythmy classes, helped you cultivate the skills and confidence to make this happen. 

"Last season, Otero helped lead Waldorf to the Class 1A State Tournament and is trying to repeat the achievement in Class 2A with the Desert Academy/Santa Fe Waldorf Wild Wolves."

The Gift of a Lifetime

"Waldorf education is a gift your children will never outgrow and never grow tired of." -- Pat Whitehead, Waldorf School of Baltimore Executive Director​

Looking for a one of a kind gift of a lifetime? Then give your child the gift of Waldorf education! Begin your journey with our Winter Parent & Child classes, starting Thursday, January 10th. These structured play sessions serve as a sweet first stepping stone away from home for your child and parent education and bonding tool for you.

What Straight-A Students Get Wrong

This holiday season resist the urge to compare and contrast your child to others, especially on temporary markers such as grades and test scores.  

"Yes, straight-A students master cramming information and regurgitating it on exams. But career success is rarely about finding the right solution to a problem — it’s more about finding the right problem to solve... If you’re willing to tolerate the occasional B, you can learn... You gain experience coping with failures and setbacks, which builds resilience."