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The beautiful math of coral

Yesterday we posted a link to handwork templates as a means of entertaining your children, yes, but also as a way to keep their math skills sharp.  

Knit Bluebird of Happiness

Kitty, Cowls, and Bluebirds, oh my Socks!  ​

Looking for fun ways to keep your Waldorf students engaged during the colder months inside and our upcoming holiday break? Then check out these beautiful, free crochet, sewing, and knitting patterns and tutorials.

Parents of Young Children: Put Down Your Smartphones

The importance of having a warm, welcoming, and nourishing early childhood experience cannot be overstated. "In the first three years of life, 80% of a child's brain development occurs. This development is fed through consistent verbal and nonverbal interactions between parents and children."  ​

12 Secrets to Teaching Your Child How to Manage Their Emotions

The holiday season can be a joyous time spent with family and friends. However, sometimes the gift zigs instead of zags, the promised turn to play the new game does not come, and the car trip home is filled with congestion and detours.

Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them

'Tis the season for end-of-year holiday preparation. Instead of finding shortcuts and distractions to keep children from getting "underfoot", let us design meaningful ways for them to contribute. 

The Controversy Over Parents Who Eat Lunch With Their Children at School

Interesting weekend read on the presence and purpose of parents in the school environment, specifically at mealtime.  

"The grade-school lunchroom has long acted as a microcosm of social life. It’s where kids choose whom to sit with, develop friendships, and resolve conflicts. And lunch is one of the few less-supervised periods in most kids’ school days. Over the past several years, however, some school cafeterias have become invaded by a new group: parents."

The Beginning of the End of Snow Days

Q: Is this the last generation that will look forward to Snow Days?! 

No grades till 15: Estonian schools encourage creativity over rote learning

Wow, great news coming out of Estonia and the Waldorf Haridus School! We love when parents actively seek and establish holistic education environments for their children.  

"There are nine parent-owned Waldorf schools in Estonia — of these, four have been set up in the past decade. The Association of Free Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens of Estonia says there are 1,200 students in such schools this year — twice the number five years ago."

Live theatre improves learning and tolerance

In addition to cultural excursions off-campus, each WSB student, starting in first grade, performs a class play to a captive audience of family and fellow students. 

Why is this noteworthy?

Because "seeing live theatre appears to make students more understanding and accepting of different people... being exposed to something outside of their narrow world they gain some greater understanding of and acceptance of that broader world."

Disciplining Young Children: Why Simply Saying No Isn’t the Answer

We are one month away from our Winter 2019 Parent & Child classes, where we teach parents, guardians, and other caretakes how to redirect versus just saying, "No." Register now at 

"Kids are naturally curious and are driven to explore the world around them. There are times we have to tell them no in order to protect them or the things around them, but when we constantly tell them no, we stifle their sense of wonder and deny them opportunities to grow and learn."