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CONGRATS WSB Class of 2016!

We are so proud of our alums! The class of 2016 has been busy applying, and being accepted, to colleges around the world!

We are so happy to hear from alumni after they graduate from our school and continue to reach lifetime milestones. This year we checked in with our Class of 2016 as they were accepted into college. Many of the students were accepted to all of their top choices and had some difficult decisions to make.

Eighth Grade Self Portraits, Part 2

Image from A Million Pieces by Sabina

Our second week of Eighth Grade Self Portraits have been posted. Please experience them at the links below, and come back next week for more projects.

A Million Pieces—Sabina's Self Portrait

Parenting Advice: The Power of Laughter (and Tears)

Our guest blogger and school counselor, Christa Marvenko-Athas, has some useful insight for parents coping with this stressful time. Take a look at her suggestions of how laughter can help.

There is not much that seems funny these days. We are continuously living in a state of stress and trying to cope the best we can. As you scroll through social media platforms, or watch recaps of popular comedians and talk-show hosts, you will see many people trying to use humor as a way to cope.

Eighth Grade Self Portraits, Part 1

Image from Painted Ukulele by Nadya Lunken

Eighth Grade Self Portraits, Part 1

Each of the Eighth Grade students will be featured with a page of their Self Portrait projects. This week we present the following student works:

Adon and Sun Cakes—Abby Self Portrait

Painted Ukulele—Nadya Self Portrait

Project Drift—Oliver Self Portrait

Celebrate May Day with WSB

May Day is also our community’s family day and a very special celebration each year.

May Day is celebrated each year on May 1 and is a traditional celebration of nature’s revival after a long and cold winter. The Waldorf School of Baltimore celebrates May Day by honoring our students’ families, grandparents, and friends. 

How to Create Inspiring Learning Space in your Home

Set your student up for success by creating a learning space that excites your child and helps them dive into learning each day.

Waldorf classrooms are designed specifically to accommodate student development and welcome learning. While classrooms emanate warmth and are designed specifically for children we know an exact classroom replication isn’t a possibility for many parents engaged in distance learning.

However, there are ways to create a space that will inspire your child to be creative and stir up excitement for projects each day.

Digital Divide: Keeping Balance in Distance Learning

Our teaching staff is using creative solutions to keep a balance between screen time and other educational activities based on developmental capacities.

On any regular school day a guest could walk into the Waldorf School of Baltimore and find children engaged in activities from reading to playing string instruments to exploring the great outdoors.

What guests won’t see are children glued to screens – in fact, a guest would be hard-pressed to find a screen at all. The school embraces slow technology and is screen-free during the school day on the Pre-K through eighth grade campus. As the school transitioned to distance learning, continuing to be conscious of developmental needs is a continued, top priority for the school during this time said Executive Director Pat Whitehead.

Parenting Advice: Mindfulness And Remembering To RAIN

Trees and blue sky

Our guest blogger and school counselor, Christa Marvenko-Athas, has some useful insight for coping with our feelings during this stressful time. Take a look at her simple mindfulness practice.

During highly stressful times I find it difficult to stay grounded in the present, although that is one of the best ways of coping with the stress response. Tara Brach, a psychologist, author, and proponent of Buddhist meditation, explains the use of the acronym RAIN as an easy-to-remember tool for practicing mindfulness.  I recommend creating reminders to take moments throughout your day and take a moment to:  

R – Recognize what is going on. 
A – Allow the experience to just be there.  
I – Investigate with interest, care, and kindness
N – Nurture with love and compassion

Helping Your Child Find Joy in Independent Play

During this hectic time, children can be ushered into developing valuable life skills.

Allowing children to have ample amounts of self-directed, independent play is part of our Children’s Garden daily rhythms. Waldorf children are able to develop imagination while working through challenges with free play during their earliest developmental years and experts say these skills can last a lifetime.

Digital School Spirit Week


Digital School Spirit Week

Don’t let distance learning completely disconnect you from our community. Next week we will be taking part in a second spirit week in an effort to bring us back together digitally.

Take a look at the list below and snap a photo each day and send them to Lindsay:

At the end of the week she’ll post a gallery on our website and across social media platforms.