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Eighth Grade Self Portraits Part I

After weeks of working with Ms. Emmet on an individual exploration, half of the eighth grade class presented their self-portrait projects to the community on Wednesday, May 12. The other half presented in part two the next evening.

Ms. Emmet started this project 20 years ago and the thought of it was born as she was walking in the snow in New Hampshire. Read her introduction to the project:

Eighth Grade Play 2021: Inherit the Wind

Each year the eighth grade performs a play in the spring prior to graduation. Due to the global pandemic, the class came up with a creative way to have a performance without an in-person audience.

 With the help of another WSB alumni, Jessie Hughes and Elias Schutzman—now an actor, musician, teacher, and sound expert— Mr. Ciofalo's eighth grade class was able to host a live zoom performance of a radio play. The class set up one camera in the Eurythmy Room and several state-of-the-art microphones for the live performance on  April 18.

Alum Art Exhibit: Natan Lawson

Students find inspiration in the newest art exhibit featured in the upstairs gallery space.

WSB has seen lots of Alumni activity lately – the most colorful of which is the latest exhibit in our Community Art Gallery. Natan Lawson is a Baltimore-based artist who graduated from the Waldorf School of Baltimore in 2002.

Lily, in eighth grade said she found the piece titled "Latchkey" the most interesting piece in the collection.

"It could be in an old film," she said. "I like the style of it and how it feels vintage. It really catches my eye."

Green Dragon Bytes: Edible Weeds!? Discovering Garlic Mustard

Check out a nature studies blog where Ms. Jung takes the first grade class onto a Nature Studies trek through the forest.

First grade seeded, and planted some Milkweed to help the butterflies during Nature Studies on Tuesday.

After that we went for a walk in the woods and learned about an invasive weed you can actually eat!!

Green Dragon Bytes: The Importance of Getting Muddy

Check out a nature studies blog where Ms. Jung talks about how some good old mud can be good for children of every age.

Getting in the mud, touching it, and having it on your hands, in your hair, and all over your face can be incredibly funny, silly, and actually good for you according to a blog I found. Take a look at the article which outlines how muddy kids are happier, healthier, more relaxed and great leaders.

Green Dragon Bytes: Hanging Upside Down

Check out a nature studies blog from Ms. Jung she sees some of the our younger aftercare children master playground skills they've been working on.

CT AC kiddos are so proud they can hang upside down from the parallel bars! It takes practice, and perseverance to be able to pull yourself up to the bars and hang long enough to call over a teacher to show them what you can do.

Recap: Black History Month 2021

At the Waldorf School, teachers incorporate current and historical stories and lessons about peoples and cultures around the world, Maryland and the other regions of the United States throughout the year. Children’s lessons will vary based on age, grade, and the class configuration. This last month teachers created meaningful ways to highlight Black History Month. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work has inspired expansion of  our programmatic offerings.

Green Dragon Bytes: Northern Paper Wasps

Check out a nature studies blog from Ms. Jung as she finds a new friend on campus which signals that Spring must be on the way!

As the ice melted and the sunshine warmed everything up we are starting to see signs that Spring is coming. This week on campus we’ve had a couple of nature encounters with a native wasp species who can be found here in Maryland: the Northern Paper Wasp.

Honoring Black History, Black Lives Matter in our Middle School

Our middle school students are celebrating historic figures, heroes and icons in many ways this year.

When the student council expressed to the middle school teachers that they'd like to hear more about prominent Black History biographies, the community was able to come together and create a meaningful experience. Each teacher researched interesting biographies to present to their respective classes and then each class had a student present a powerful essay to the entire middle school this week. 

Green Dragon Bytes: Climbing toward Fun

Check out a nature studies blog from Ms. Jung. Our Cherry Tree friends climbed all the way to the top of (a short) tree. They were very proud of their achievement, and happily played up there for quite a long while.