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Home for the Hens

Community Partnership Paves Way for Chickens to Return to Waldorf

The Chicken Coop Has Arrived!

The newly hand-crafted coop, installed Friday in the area of campus known as Juneberry Forest, represents the physical culmination of Grade Three's hard work researching and drawing design ideas and studying chicken care basics.

Food, Culture, Connection

Food, Connection, Culture

Sharing recipes and food is a wonderful and delicious vehicle for introducing children to more than just new flavors and textures; it can be a window into cultural diversity as well.

This week, the Butterfly Preschool Class enjoyed preparing and sampling a new-to-many condiment, mool kimchi, with Lead Teacher, WSB Parent and DEI co-chair, Jackie Beach.

A Story for Summer

Two Busy Bees

Two little bees work very hard to make their golden honey

They sip sweet nectar from the flowers when the days are sunny

“We are busy, busy, busy!” buzzed the bees “We won’t be home for dinner”

“It takes us many hours to visit all these flowers and it makes us rather dizzy to be so very, very busy!”

Just then the Queen Bee called out “Every worker needs to rest!” So they flew back to their beehive and were proud they’d done their best.

~Traditional Waldorf Story Verse

Moving Up Day

The rituals and rhythms that enrich the Waldorf school year are many. A fun one, which is noticeably lacking in pomp and circumstance but full of enthusiasm and elbow grease, is Moving Up Day!

A Trip to Remember

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom." - Rudolf Steiner

By the time you are reading this, the Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony will be well underway. Lilies will be handed over with love from an adoring first grade class, performances will play out with poise and imagination, and diplomas delivered with deep respect and reverence for the amazing individuals that comprise the Class of 2022.

But just one week ago, you would have found the eighth grade in quite a different world.

Field Trips are Fundamental

Outdoor education is an essential part of Waldorf education.

Lasting Relationships

Do you have your middle school art teacher's phone number on speed dial?

If you graduated from any school other than the Waldorf School of Baltimore I am willing to wager the answer is no. But for hundreds of alums a text from Ms. Edna Emmet, anywhere from two to twenty years after your eighth grade graduation, is as natural as can be (a true testimony to Ms. Emmet and to Waldorf Education for providing students and teachers the space to develop meaningful and lasting relationships).

Grow Your Own Spring Grass

This spring, begin a new family tradition that will help make the world a little greener! Few things are as satisfying as planting seeds and watching them grow. Add an element of sustainably and zero-waste seasonal decorations and you have a Spring Time Slam-Dunk of a project. Growing grass indoors to adorn your Easter Basket or Seasonal Nature Table coundlt be simplier and takes just 7-10 days to see lush results.

A Story For Spring

A Story For Spring

Read on to discover what will happen to the little seed.

Interested in learning more about the Waldorf School of Baltimore's joyful and caring approach to education? Head to home page and inquire today.

Community of Care

A Community of Care

When we ask alums to look back on their time spent at WSB and reflect on what distinguished their elementary years from later schooling, a common phrase is often repeated: it just felt like everyone there really CARED.

It’s true…and it matters.

Not only is a joyful, connected and moral approach to education more enjoyable, but studies have shown that students who know that their teachers and school community care deeply about them are more likely to be engaged and learning at a high level.